Display clutter on Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9?

Like Golem.de reports a display tangle threatens in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9: there are supposed to be problems with the lovability of the thin G1F displays, where the touch sensor is directly attached to the display. As an alternative, a model with a GFF (Glass Fiber Filter) display is planned, but the targeted thickness of 8.6 millimeters will not be achievable with this model.

If this rumor should actually occur, the confusion would be complete: Galaxy Tab 10.1 is available in version 10.1V, which is much thicker and is already sold by Vodafone. The Galaxy Tab 8.9 would also have a version with a different display, which will hopefully be clearly labelled in the shops. What exactly is true about the rumors about the availability of the display could only be answered by Samsung - which have been kept quiet so far. However, the rumors do not seem to be completely unfounded - otherwise Samsung tablets would already be available in stores.

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