Car mounts for Samsung Galaxy Nexus (i9250)

Actually this blog entry should be about navigation. The only thing is: there is still no suitable mounting bracket, because too far inside the car the GPS reception is simply not sufficient anymore. So: a suitable mounting bracket is needed. Since it should also work together with a protective cover, a variable solution is needed and not a fixed one - the original Samsung mount is out of the question.

That leaves two mounts, which are offered e.g. by Amazon: Bracket 1 respectively Bracket 2which differ mainly in the holder itself. I decided to go for variant 1, because it fits better with my somewhat flatter windshield (Golf V), at least on the iPhone 4 (where I have a similar cradle). Otherwise the distance from driver to phone is too big. As soon as the cradle has been delivered, there will be more about navigation with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (i9250).

My previous experiences with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (i9250) and Android 4.0.x ("Ice Cream Sandwich") are available in the corresponding Blog Posting.

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