Samsung Galaxy Tab - does the iPad need to dress warm?

One of the most interesting tablet variants that want to stand up to the iPad has reached retailers: the Samsung Galaxy Tab is listed at retailers at prices starting at 640 euros, Chip Online is showing a first Test and pictures of the device. In opposition to the iPad, the Galaxy Tab is clearly smaller (7″ display instead of 9.7″) as well as lighter (only 380 grams). However, the equipment is complete: 1 GHz ARM8 CPU, 512 MB RAM, 1024×600 pixel resolution as well as GPS, WLAN and 3G support. Android 2.2, including flash support, is used as the operating system, and an update to Android 3.0 should be available this year.

In terms of price, the Galaxy Tab is positioned very ambitiously even slightly above the iPad: the 16 GB version with UMTS brings it up to 649 Euro in price comparisonthe iPad costs 16 GB WiFi + 3G 570 Euro. In return, you get a device from Samsung, which is based on the more open platform and can be expanded with memory cards. Moreover, the market prices will probably fall in the near future, similar to what we saw with Samsung's Galaxy S smartphone.

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