Netflix: German launch confirmed in autumn

For a long time, one had to resort to a wide variety of means to use Netflix in Germany. This will come to an end in autumn: the German launch of the popular streaming provider is confirmed.

Netflix: Streaming video as it is meant to be
Netflix: Streaming video as it is meant to be
No more VPN and proxies: Netflix is officially coming to Germany, with the Funkausstellung in Berlin (IFA) in September the service is scheduled to start. There are no prices yet, but it can be assumed that Netflix will call similar prices as in the USA and as other providers in Germany - i.e. a little under 10 Euros.

It is also still open whether the complete range of the US Netflix edition will be available in Germany and whether all films and series will be available in sound bites. Problems with the different exploitation rights have so far made such a service de facto impossible, but Netflix can be credited with having solved the problem and offering a larger range than Amazon Prime Video or Watchever.

Streaming services such as Netflix are increasingly changing the viewing habits of users - in contrast to classic television, you can access the complete range of services at any time and enjoy ad-free viewing.

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