Netflix & Amazon FireTV: the perfect combination?

Netflix is to be added to the Amazon FireTV box in Germany this autumn. This means two innovations for film and television fans in one half-year.
With the Amazon FireTV box, a device seems to be coming onto the market in Germany with which one can access a large selection of films and series: Not only Amazon Prime Instant Video will work on the box, but so will Netflix. Services like Watchever, on the other hand, will have a hard time, at least for users with FireTV.

XBMC or Kodi on FireTV
Since the Amazon FireTV box is basically based on Android, it is also possible to run corresponding apps. Most exciting is of course the extension with XBMC (or Kodi from version 14.0 on): with it you can then play a wider range of file formats on the FireTV, and you can also get Use as tvheadend client introduce you. This should then be fast enough for HD streams.

All in all, Amazon seems to have a really good offer on the market with the FireTV box - the AppleTV Box seems rather antiquated, also with regard to the hardware used. In the coming week a FireTV box should arrive at my place, then I will report in detail about the possibilities of XBMC and FireTV. Who is now at Amazon the FireTV for 99,- Euro ordered will probably not be delivered until 2015.

Update 26 March 2015

Now that the Amazon FireTV box has been on the market for a while - and its little brother, the FireTV on the starting blocks: Amazon has really launched a good media box. Kodi can still only be installed via sideloading, but Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are running really well; streaming HD series requires a bandwidth of about 10 Mbps.

Accordingly, you should also plan for a corresponding amount of traffic for regular serial enjoyment: if you have a DSL contract with volume limitation should always keep an eye on this - even if some providers like o2 believe that streaming and volume limits are not a contradiction in terms.

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