Apple TV: Netflix also in Germany

After Netflix is officially launched in Germany, you can also use the corresponding app on the Apple TV box. Including change of language version.

Netflix on Apple TV in Germany
Netflix on Apple TV in Germany
The German launch of Netflix apparently also brings innovations for users of the Apple TV - when the app is displayed, you can log in with your credentials and then get access the Netflix offer. The switch to another language version (English or German if available) works via the options during playback, it is played directly in the other language.

There are thus three major camps in the set-top box market: Apple TV, long without update and not up to date hardware. Amazon FireTVThe new device comes with high-end hardware but a limited operating system, just like the Apple TV. In addition, the previous pure Android boxes like the ATV1200.

Netflix works on all these devices - the other services like Watchever so far not on all platforms. The coming months will show which system will prevail. Perhaps Apple will also launch a new version of the Apple TV box and reshuffle the cards.

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