Motorola Droid 2 with improved keyboard and more clock speed

The successor of the Motorola Droid (in this country Milestone) is supposed to be similar to the first Android smartphone, but will include customer feedback, especially regarding the keyboard. Thus, it can be seen on the pictures that the keys are now slightly curved and not absolutely flat as before.

The processor should work with 750 MHz (thus still a bit slower than in Google's Nexus One), the display should measure 3.7 inches diagonally. Operating system should be loud Android 2.1 for now, unless Verizon decides to bring Android 2.2 at the last minute. Motoblur will also be there in a new version.


  1. Hi. in addition to the 750 mhz cpu, there is a revised keyboard and 8 GB of internal memory. Also Wifi Tethering and Motoblur on the software side. Further changes are not known to me. By the way you should not rely on the sheer mhz numbers. If the CPU of the omap is 3640, it will run a 1 ghz nexus even at 750 mhz and run away because of the better architecture.

  2. I can very well imagine that this new smartphone will be a big seller. Slowly Apple really has no lead anymore and with the milestone Motorola has created a brand that is also very valuable. After all, I associate quality and high-quality technology with the name Milestone.

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