Miniot iWood 5: Mahogany for iPhone 5

If you are looking for an exclusive and eye-catching case for your iPhone 5, you should check out the miniot iWood 5 take a closer look.

Mahogany real wood case for iPhone 5
Mahogany real wood case for iPhone 5
Made from one piece of wood, it offers a pleasant feel and a really good finish. Miniot is based in Holland and only manufactures with certified wood from controlled cultivation - so you don't have to worry that a piece of rainforest was cut down for your own phone case. Thanks to the really fitting workmanship, all ports and sensors of the iPhone 5 Even the cutout for the camera is designed accordingly and slightly stepped. Special feature: the volume buttons and the power button are also made of the same piece of wood, so the look is really complete.

Before I get too carried away: the price is 79,- Euro plus shipping (via FedEx, which was really fast) for a phone case is a proud price. And of course it's not a completely impervious case, the wood is hard but not indestructible. So over time there will be wear and tear, but that doesn't detract from the overall look of the iWood 5 cover shouldn't do any more harm. And that iPhone 5 is of course somewhat thicker and heavier due to the cover - but it remains pleasant to use, especially in landscape format it is (for me) somewhat better to grip.


Update from 26 March 2015

After 1.5 years there are still some traces on the iWood case
After 1.5 years there are still some traces on the iWood case
After a good year and a half of use (and in the meantime with an iPhone 5s, which also fits without problems) you can see some signs of use on the iWood cover: the wood has become noticeably darker, the surface is duller in some places. The wood seems to be most sensitive at the headphone jack: a small corner broke off here, but this did not affect the overall stability.

In summary I can say: although the Miniot iWood cover not a cheap purchase, but the otherwise replaceable iPhone gets more character. After the release of the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, there are also suitable cases for the current Apple model. The price has remained the same, starting at 79,- Euro you get an iPhone 6 wooden case from Miniot.

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