Law against router compulsion passed in cabinet!

The legislative process to abolish the router obligation has come to a positive end: on Wednesday, the bill was passed by the federal cabinet!

The draft law of February 2015 was put to the vote - this is a Communication of the responsible Federal Ministry. The essential element of the change in the law concerns the "network termination point" - this is to be passive in future, which excludes a device which itself consumes electricity (and is active).

The next step is for the Bundestag to pass the amendment - this is to happen this year. According to the draft, there will then be a transition period of 6 months, after which a fine of up to 10,000 euros will be due if the provider does not provide the necessary access data.

Especially for cable network operators, things are now getting complicated: until now, the whole model was based on the router or modem being the network termination point. This was the only way Kabel Deutschland could offer e.g. the WLAN function as an extra that could be activated for an extra charge.

What is also open is how the market for Router Germany is now becoming much more attractive for manufacturers of routers, and AVM should benefit very significantly from this.

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