Law against router compulsion passed

After a draft law to abolish the router obligation was already available in February 2015, it has now been passed!

On Wednesday, the draft law, which primarily defines the network termination point (this must be passive in the future), was approved by the cabinet headed by Chancellor Angela Merkel. The next step is for the law to pass the Bundestag, but this is expected to happen this year.

After a successful decision there will be a transitional period of six months - after which a fine of up to 10,000 euros will be due if the access data is not made available.

Especially for cable network providers it will be difficult to meet the new requirements - after all, the modem or router has been defined as the network termination point for years and no access data has been issued to end customers. The situation is different with the classic DSL providers, where it is much easier, especially the Telekom stands out as a positive example: although the prices here are higher than with the competitors, you simply get the access data sent to you.

More information on the development of the legal situation can be found at

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