Law against router compulsion: current status KW 29/2015

After it was quite long silent about the planned law against router compulsion, I made an inquiry at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy.

The press office also responded to my inquiry about the current status of the legislative process:

The European notification procedure has now been completed. It is intended to submit the draft law to the Cabinet for a decision in August. The parliamentary procedure can then begin after the summer break.

(Source: Press Office Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy)

The aforementioned summer break ends in September (calendar week 37/2015). In view of the length of the parliamentary procedure, I consider it quite unrealistic that the law against Compulsory router will become a reality before the end of this year - the legislative processes are probably simply too complicated for this, or the topic will probably not be given the same priority as other topics on the agenda. But at least the process has not fallen asleep and the coalition goal of really leaving the choice of the terminal device to the customer still seems possible.

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