Law on data retention in preparation

As reported by, a draft law on data retention without any prior notification is currently in the implementation phase. Serious resistance is currently only coming from the opposition in the Bundestag.

Already on May 27, the current draft will be launched in a cabinet meeting of the federal government. The whole law, which would allow for mass surveillance of telecommunication in Germany without any reason, is supposed to be passed before the beginning of the summer break on July 3.

If you want to express your displeasure about data retention, which is still controversial at EU level, you should contact the respective Member of Parliament.
Sascha Lobo has the Procedure for a targeted protest on Spiegel Online Posted.

Should the law be passed, there is little choice but to VPN service provider alone in order to make the effort of data collection as inefficient as possible; at the end of the day, it is also a question of cost to what extent data is actually stored.

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