kadder.de nominated for the "Liebster" award

The "Liebster" award is about answering 11 questions about your own blog that were asked by the person who nominated you. You can nominate other blogs for this award, which in turn answer my question.

Liebster Award Logo
Liebster Award Logo
Even though I am no friend of such actions, I decided to take part in this one. I was nominated by Martin Stäbe, who is based www.frankreich-fan.de blogging about our neighboring country. He also formulated the following questions, to which I would like to find a short answer here.

At the end of the article I have again nominated other blogs who are invited to participate in this action. Even if it's a bit like a chain letter, there's probably no harm in bloggers networking with each other. So, enough of the introduction to the questions:

1.) Since when do you blog and who or what made you do it?
Really active only since 2012 - before that there have been isolated projects from time to time, from that year on more or less regular blog posts. What made me do this? Actually, only the desire to reach a larger audience with texts or field reports - the technology-based topics are mainly due to the fact that I am one of the people who is most involved in them and therefore can write about them most.

2.) How did you get the name for your blog?
"kadder" was already my nickname at LAN parties in the 90s - at some point I registered the domain and continued to use the name. An anecdote about this: when there were credit cards with the Xbox 360 logo, I had "kadder" engraved as two lines of my name - it was no problem at all.

3.) How often do you blog and where do you find the topics for your blog?
Irregularly - and mostly it is gadget or technical topics that I am dealing with at the moment. Also always welcome: FreeNAS & Nginx as a theme.

4.) Do you make sure that your articles are also optimized for search engines?
See 1.: since I am concerned with range, I naturally also pay attention to SEO. Most readers in this blog come through this channel, so I can't do without it.

5.) What success with your blog are you particularly proud of?
Phew, difficult question: I'm always happy when instructions or support are still read and up-to-date even after a long time. I always update them regularly. Apart from that I'm proud of the current theme, which is mostly handmade and not a simple installed WordPress theme off the peg. This has its dangers (e.g. things don't work as desired), but it's a lot of fun.

6.) Is there anything you would like to improve on your blog in the future?
Social media - the integration here at kadder.de is simply still very, very bad, even if there is already a Facebook page with 74 fans.

7.) What is the biggest challenge for you when blogging?
Find topics that I feel like writing about. Fortunately the domain is neutral, so I could theoretically blog about any topic, but in practice the choice is a bit more limited.

8.) What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a blog today?
Don't think about it for long, just do it - you learn everything else along the way.

9.) Where do you get the picture material for your articles? Do you also shoot pictures for your blog or create your own infographics?
Photos I make to >90% myself, infographics I haven't created yet - there is no suitable topic, see 7th floor photos or pictures from any archives are mostly not suitable for my contributions. For taking pictures I use a Canon 70D with different lenses.
10.) What do you enjoy most about blogging?
To measure behind the reach - and to get interaction with the readers. If someone posts a question or comment about one of my posts, I'm always very happy. Unfortunately this happens far too rarely.

11.) Last but not least: Could you imagine earning money with your blog?
The Amazon partner program already brings in a few euros - I could never live on that, but the blog does not reach enough readers who are willing to buy something. But to cover the running costs it is enough.

The nominations of other blogs will have to wait - but they will come, I promise! Until then, I hope the Q&A are at least interesting for some of my readers.

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  1. Hey, Falk, I'm so glad you've accepted my nomination for the Liebster Award.
    and answered my 11 questions. This is how the readers get
    this blog will give you a better impression of who they actually are with the
    with the latest tech news. Wish for the future that you
    with the interaction. 🙂

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