iOS 6.0.2 Jailbreak ready, no release yet

iPhone 5: iOS 6.0.2 still without jailbreak
iPhone 5: iOS 6.0.2 still without jailbreak
Like reports, an iOS 6.0.2 jailbreak is ready, even in an Untethered version that is not lost on reboot. However, in order not to give Apple a chance to close the gap with iOS 6.1 yet, they are currently refraining from releasing the jailbreak for iOS 6.0.2 and are instead looking for another gap to be able to quickly offer an unlock of the iPhone in the future as well. Unlike previous News about a successful jailbreak for iOS 6 it seems that this time it is not a fake message. The message was published by the well-known jailbreak hacker "planetbeing". That the jailbreak for iOS 6 should only appear with version 6.1 is quite understandable: Apple is already testing the next version in a relatively high beta, so a release is expected soon. It is also logical that an additional exploit is always held back in case Apple does react quickly.

Jailbreaks are especially popular for Apple devices such as the iPhone 5, since software from other sources (e.g. Cydia) can be installed and the range of functions can be expanded. This always results in a cat-and-mouse game with Apple: whenever Apple releases a new iOS version, it takes more or less time until a suitable jailbreak is available. So far, this has always worked out - whether Apple is secretly counting on the community to create another selling point. For me personally this is iPhone 5 a good smartphone even without jailbreak.

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