Huawei brings affordable Android 2.2 smartphone

Huawei, otherwise known more for UMTS sticks and network technology, is launching an inexpensive smartphone under its own name: the Ideos. From October, this device will be available in stores at an attractive price between 130 and 180 euros. In order to achieve this low price, compromises have been made with the display: only 2.8 inches with a resolution of 320×240 pixels are available to the user.

But still: all Android 2.2 features like tethering are included - whether an update to the following Android 3.0 version will be possible is still open. But since Huawei probably won't make any customizations to the Android-OS the chances are not bad.

On the other hand: the manufacturers of the previous Android devices did not exactly shine with their update joy.

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