HTPC as DLNA client for FreeNAS servers: compilation 1

After my FreeNAS Server runs reliably and provides data via DLNA (in the form of the minidlna plugin), there is still one missing player in the living room - an HTPC (Home Theater PC). In the bedroom I use an AppleTV 2, but in the living room with beamer it should be a more powerful solution, i.e. an HTPC is needed. Most important requirement: it must be silent, preferably no moving parts. As a surf and work PC I use a Core i3 in an Impactics caseI have a similar solution in mind for the living room.

However, the Impactics C3LH-B has a disadvantage: it is not expandable and limited to mini-ITX mainboards. The Streacom ST-FC95 is an alternative. Based on a similar technology as Impactics, heatpipes provide heat dissipation to cooling fins, but the case is more spacious: it fits Micro ATX mainboards and there is room for low-profile plug-in cards, which is practical for an additional soundcard.

Based on the choice of housing, you can build a system with the following components, all available at Amazon or Caseking (as of 02.01.2013, prices may be cheaper at other dealers (Miser. de)):

This gives you all the parts needed for a solid and above all (except for the Blu-Ray drive) silent home cinema system. Total costs of the compilation: 760,- Euro plus shipping. On the software side, my choice will probably be Windows 7 to ensure smooth Blu-Ray and HDCP support. Linux would also be an option, which Solutions for Blu-Ray playback however, all of them do not make a 100% mature impression or seem more complicated than under Windows. Additional software is necessary in any case. As a media center with DLNA support XMBC which runs on both Windows and Linux.

In the near future I will present 1 - 2 more compilations which are possible for such a system - even if some compromises have to be made, it will be cheaper.

4 thoughts on “HTPC als DLNA-Client für FreeNAS-Server: Zusammenstellung 1”

  1. Graphics card superfluous in the processor, just like the power supply (it is oversized).

    SSD too big when everything comes from the network, what's the use of so much storage space? Just drives up the price unnecessarily.

    Case is also very steep, I have the "MS-Tech CI-57".
    Costs 60€ incl. power supply and performs its services excellently.

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