HTC Magic comes on April 17

Vodafone's answer to the T-Mobile G1, the HTC Magic, apparently won't come until April 17th. This is reported by several blogs, including, and On the latter there is also a screenshot to confirm the date. This is only valid for the Vodafone home country England, but the HTC Magic will probably not be released earlier in other countries.

The HTC Magic is quite similar to the G1, but there is no full keyboard and the operation has to be done completely via the touchscreen. Whether the on-screen keyboard will reach the level of the iPhone, where input can be done very easily without a stylus, is something that time and user experience will have to show.

In any case, T-Mobile will lose its monopoly on the Android system in Germany, which may bring some movement to the market. Provided that Vodafone does not pursue the same restrictive policy as T-Mobile, for example, with regard to tethering. This is an opportunity for the Reds to set themselves apart from T-Mobile.

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