Google I/O: Android 2.2 introduced - no support for G1

Google has presented Google I/O Android 2.2 "Froyo" at the developer conference Google I/O. The new version brings new features like tethering as well as a hotspot function and significant performance improvements: for example, the Javascript engine V8 known from Google Chrome has been integrated into the Android browser, which should speed up the execution of Javascript by a factor of 2-3. Furthermore, Flash 10.1 is supported, a corresponding beta version has been released by Adobe.

Further improvements should lead to a generally better performance. Furthermore, applications can be updated in the package and now officially installed on memory cards (previously this was only possible with tools like App2SD).

One problem remains the support of older models: the original Android phone, the T-Mobile G1, will not get an official update to version 2.2. For other devices, too, things look bad, at least for HTC: only smartphones released in 2010 will get an update, for older models support is still open. With this, Google is gambling away the opportunity to create a uniform platform, as Apple has done so far.

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