o2 also wants to throttle DSL

After Deutsche Telekom was awarded the contract for its Throttle Advance has already received a lot of criticism, o2 is now also announcing that it wants to throttle DSL and VDSL connections in future. However, the limits are somewhat more generous: from 300 GB, which must be reached for three months in a row (500 GB in the first month, 250 in the second and 750 GB in the third would not trigger the throttle), the transmission speed is reduced to 2 MBit/s. A 50 MBit/s VDSL line can be obtained for 34.99 Euros, removing the throttle costs 14.99 Euros: a total of about 50 Euros is therefore due. The new tariffs will be offered from 17.10.2013, the throttling should take effect from 01.07.2014.

Compared to the current price list, where a 50 Mbps connection is available for 29.99 plus 4.99 for the speed option (and there's no choke in the small print), the connection is 14.99 euros more expensive if you regularly use more, i.e. 400 GB (100 GB can be added for 4.99 in the new rates).

All in all, a development that will hardly have a positive effect on Germany as an Internet location. Traffic-heavy offers "Made in Germany", such as cloud backups, are hardly worthwhile for providers, as potential customers are deterred by possible throttling back from fully exploiting their (V)DSL connection (even though the volume will be sufficient for most in practice). For some user groups, e.g. shared flats, the new connections will probably simply become more expensive or they will have to restrict their Internet use.

It can be assumed that all major suppliers will take the opportunity to raise prices through the back door. This will also make things easier for Telekom, as customers will have no choice but to use another provider completely without a choke.

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