From version 12: FreeNAS becomes TrueNAS

FreeNAS has been a popular storage solution for years, even for home use - I myself have been using the system with four hard drives in HP Proliant micro servers for several years. With version 12 FreeNAS becomes TrueNAS - iXsystems merges the commercial and free branch of the NAS operating system. The advantage is supposed to be: instead of two separate ...

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HP 250 G7: Entry level notebook with DVD drive

If you are looking for a simple notebook that still offers enough performance for all common office applications, you can get the HP 250 G7 with 8 GB RAM, quad-core Intel CPU and 256 GB SSD for a good 450 Euros (~$450). The device is offered in different configurations, the version reviewed here has the catchy name "6HM83ES" and is equipped with a quad-core Intel ...

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FreeNAS 10 - the most important new features

After the current version 9.3 FreeNAS 10 will follow. With the upcoming version, there will also be some innovations that further improve the free NAS operating system. FreeNAS 10, which has passed the second milestone release (M2) on 06 July 2015, will not simply be a further development of the previous FreeNAS 9.x, but will have a ...

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FreeNAS: Shopping List for HP Microserver G8

For a long time, the HP N36L, N40L and N54L micro servers were the means of choice if you wanted to put together a FreeNAS server. Here now is a shopping list based on the successor. The Hewlett Packard MICROSERVER Gen8 offers significantly more performance than the previous versions. Instead of an AMD CPU as before, it now comes with an Intel Celeron G1610T with 2.3 GHz and ...

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FreeNAS released

Currently, the FreeNAS developers are very active and regularly bring new updates. Now FreeNAS has been released, which fixes some problems again. The most important changes of the new version: Samba SMB/CIFS support upgrade to version 4.1.5 Linux mails now support UFS NFS lockd starts correctly on boot the serial console can be configured more easily logging on ...

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FreeNAS 9.2.1 released

FreeNAS has been released today in the final version 9.2.1, which brings some new features. Among them support for SMB3 and some bugfixing. The complete changelog can be found on FreeNAS.org, here are just the most important changes: Samba 4.1.3 with SMB3 support Change from Avahi to mDNSResponder, which makes it easier to find shares for Macs Improvements to the ...

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FreeNAS 9.2.1-BETA released

FreeNAS 9.2.0 has not been available for very long, but version 9.2.1 is announced in the form of a BETA. The most important change: Samba 4.1.4. According to the release notes for FreeNAS 9.2.1-BETA, this means that the SMB3 protocol is now available and that FreeNAS can be used as a Windows Domain Controller. Other exciting points from the changelog (excerpt): Bugfixing for Netatalk, ...

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