SPD advocates data retention

Those who had hoped that the SPD would oppose the planned data retention at the convention this weekend were disappointed. The party found a majority for the storage of Internet data without cause.

At a small party conference in Berlin 124 delegates voted "yes", 88 delegates rejected the plan. Seven delegates abstained. This clears another hurdle of the plan to store IP addresses and telephone data for up to ten weeks and mobile phone location data for up to four weeks.

Critics see the draft law as just another step towards a restricted Internet. Although the aim of data retention is to combat terrorism in particular, the data collected can also be used for other purposes.
Moreover, it is open whether the Internet providers are able to meet the required technical requirements at all - the simplest solution would probably be to pass on the additional costs to the customers, of course shown accordingly. Whether it would be worthwhile for the guarantors to pay 5,-€ more per month for the data retention when it is about the internet or whether parties who are clearly against the data retention will get in contact with them.

It is still unclear whether the new law will even have stood up before the Federal Constitutional Court or the European Court of Justice - the original regulation had failed due to legal hurdles.

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