Beyond the horizon: Fleet management

Normally this blog is about gadgets for end customers - but apart from iPhone and Android there is still a world for business customers, for example in the field of fleet management.

These are systems with which it is possible, for example, to limit construction machines to a certain area (geofencing) or if one wants to log driving distances. The systems, for example the "Fleetmonitor" from Telefónica, cover all requirements with a small box for the vehicle: from tracking to driver identification, everything is covered in such solutions.

Purpose of fleet management solutions
Fleet management is a necessary basis for many processes in the economy: apart from restricting construction machinery to the area of the respective construction site (which serves to protect against theft), it is important for just-in-time logistics to know whether goods are stuck in a traffic jam somewhere and whether this will delay processes.

In our daily lives, fleet management is probably best noticed when the DHL transporters swarm out in the morning - without precise planning and monitoring of the routes, the timely delivery of Amazon packages and tracking of shipments would hardly be possible. Apps such as myTaxi also function according to similar principles and are based on the fact that the location of the vehicle is transmitted at all times - points at which actually abstract B2B solutions have very concrete effects on our everyday lives.

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