o2 offers Watchever at low prices with throttle tariffs

Sometimes you get the impression that providers have a wrong idea about the usage behaviour of their customers: o2 now offers Watchever at a lower price - and at the same time throttles DSL connections.

The throttling announced by o2, in which a permanent limitation of the bandwidth comes into effect after the customer has exceeded the respective limit of the contract for three months in a row, has been in action since February 2015. Ironically, o2 is offering its customers an offer to be able to use Watchever at a significantly lower cost.

o2 sees in it according to Golem.de no problem: 300 GByte are sufficient for 3.5 hours of streaming per day (assuming that the customer does nothing else). This may be enough for many customers, but for ambitious users, who also want to Offsite backup use or Games about Steam or the Playstation Network/Xbox Live, this can be quite tight.

Overall, it is an "interesting" approach to offer customers something at a lower price, which will tend to encourage them to switch to a more expensive contract with more unrestricted volume. What to think about this is something everyone should decide for himself, for me personally a somehow throttled internet line is not an option. At least o2 does not violate net neutrality by including the watchever traffic in the volume. Time will show whether the new offer helps Watchever and whether o2 customers accept it.

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