iPad "3" presented and pre-ordered

As expected, Apple presented the next iPad on 07.03. Contrary to expectations Apple does not call the new tablet iPad 3 or iPad 2S, but simply "iPad". Confusion is pre-programmed here, in the Apple store "3rd generation" is also behind it. Otherwise, the technical equipment is as expected: A5X CPU with quad-core CPU, 1 gigabyte RAM and above all: a retina display. Apple has done the same here as with the iPhone: pixel number quadrupled, resolution doubled to now 2,048 x 1,536 pixels. The dimensions correspond to those of the iPad 2, although the new tablet is 0.6 millimetres thicker.

Another "contentious issue": LTE. Apple is promoting the 3rd generation iPad as a 4G device that supports LTE - and therefore data rates of up to 72 Mbps. Unfortunately, this only applies in the USA, the frequencies used for LTE in Germany differ - and Apple has not integrated a "world" chip for LTE, which is not expected until the next iPad. Data transmission via WLAN and UMTS as well as HSPA+ is still possible, of course, but here in Germany only a corresponding data tariff is required, as is the case in the Vodafone network via fyve can be obtained.

I myself sold my iPad 2 and ordered a new iPad - the display alone was the deciding factor here, compared to the iPhone 4/4S the display of the iPad 2 was quite coarse-pixed. The performance of the iPad 2 is already sufficient for everything, only the resolution could be better - which it is now. Maybe there will be more information/pictures/videos and a first impression next weekend.

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