Gamescom 2011: Too many visitors

Normally a trade fair is happy about visitor numbers, at the Gamecom 2011 in Cologne this seems to have been different: yesterday, Saturday, the box offices were closed and at times there was even an admission stop. Only those visitors who had already purchased a ticket before had a chance to attend, and even they had to put up with waiting times of several hours.

But the rush to the site itself was not the only problem: you also had to be patient when auditioning, it could take up to five hours to try out games like Battlefield 3 for 10 minutes. This leads to two questions: who does this voluntarily to himself? And why don't the organizers set up more stations where the game can be tried out? The market researchers will know what the titles are that interest people.

So you had to make do with seating and cool drinks in the queues - not necessarily what you go to a trade fair for. Hopefully (for the fans who make the pilgrimage to Gamescom every year) it will be better organized in 2012.

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