Freenas 8.2: When will there be more plugins?

With Freenas 8.2.0 the plugin support came first, among others there is a Plugin for minidlna. Now the question arises for the user: what to do with other plugins? Sure, there is still Transmission and Firefly, but things like VirtualBox would be very handy. Also interesting: a webserver and a firewall.

This would move Freenas further away from the idea of a pure network attached storage solution ("free NAS"), but for home users it would be quite practical not to have to use several devices in parallel. So it is to be hoped that there are people out there who have a similar opinion. If I have a lot of time, I will try to create a PBI for the software I am interested in.

The official FreeNAS plugins are available for download from Sourceforge, each in a 32- and 64-bit Frame. In the FreeNAS Forum there are also threads about upcoming plugins, e.g. Bacula SD.

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