FreeNAS 11.2: new web interface & new features

After FreeNAS 10 "Corral" was a first - quickly failing - attempt to introduce a new user interface, now with FreeNAS 11.2 there is a new, AngularJS based UI. This is also optimized for mobile use.

Screenshot 2018 12 06 at 21.14.52
FreeNAS 11.2 Dashboard on a HP Microserver Gen8

Apart from the web interface, there are a number of new features for FreeNAS 11.2 that logically continue and extend the previous development. The most important changes:

  • FreeBSD boot-loader instead of GRUB
  • Plugins and jails are managed by "iocage" instead of "warden", the previous system "warden" is no longer maintained. 
  • You can synchronize with various cloud services, including Amazon Cloud Drive, Box, Dropbox, FTP, Google Drive, HTTP, Hubic, Mega, Microsoft OneDrive, pCloud, SFTP, WebDAV, and Yandex. The data including file names are also encrypted locally before transfer, so there is no risk to the data in the cloud.
  • Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs) are supported, the corresponding data is maintained via the interface.
  • ZFS is up to date - once a pool has been upgraded, only the latest versions of FreeNAS or FreeBSD will work with it, and downgrading will no longer be possible

The update for an existing installation is easily done via the interface by setting the update train to 11.2-stable and checking for updates. For new installations you can download the current version on the FreeNAS website.

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