kadder.de - 2014 in review

The year 2014 is drawing to a close, there are year reviews everywhere - the perfect opportunity to review a few figures on kadder.de.

In 2014, kadder.de recorded over 65,000 sessions that resulted in over 100,000 page impressions. The average session duration was one minute thirty. If the page was hosted most of the time on a Jiffybox from Domainfactory.de, kadder.de is currently running on a Root server from Hetzner. Most readers use Windows, followed by iOS and Android - MacOS only follows in fourth place. Among the browsers, Firefox reaches the largest share with 36% before Chrome 29%. Safari and Internet Explorer follow. 78% of users are on kadder.de for the first time, 22% visit the site several times.
The most frequently read articles on kadder.de 2014:

  1. Raspberry Pi: Live television with tvheadend
  2. Raspberry Pi as VPN gateway
  3. Congstar: Query current data consumption
  4. Raspberry Pi: Faster Internet with DNS caching
  5. Switch on FreeNAS via Wake-On-LAN
  6. Cubietruck: TVHeadend and BitTorrent Sync
  7. HP Proliant N54L: perfect for FreeNAS
  8. FreeNAS based on HP N40L Microserver: Shopping list
  9. Raspberry Pi: Squid & Privoxy in the home network
  10. New Plugins for FreeNAS

Also in 2015 there will be more exciting posts here in the blog - with a focus on FreeNAS, Nginx and RaspberryPi. And of course all other topics that come to my mind. I am happy about all comments and suggestions. In this spirit: Happy New Year and see you in 2015!

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