Apple releases iOS 6.0.1 with bug fixes for iPhone 5

Apple has made bug fixes with iOS 6.0.1, which mainly affects iPhone 5, but also works on older devices. First of all: the map app hasn't changed at all, but the WLAN support has. The changelog:

  • Software updates are now correctly installed wirelessly on iPhone 5.
  • Fixes an error where horizontal lines were displayed on the keyboard.
  • The camera flash is now reliably triggered.
  • iPhone 5 and iPod touch (5th generation) work more reliably with WPA2-encrypted wireless networks.
  • Occasional problems with the iPhone using the mobile network have been fixed.
  • The "Use mobile data" button now works as expected for iTunes Match.
  • Fixed a code lock bug that allowed access to Passbook passes via the locked screen in rare cases.
  • Exchange meetings are now correctly supported.

The update will be distributed via iTunes or Over-The-Air - at least the download for an iPhone 4 is over 800 MB in size if you do it on a Mac. Now we have to see how well Apple fixed the small problems iOS 6 still had (besides the map app). Probably iOS 6.0.1 will make jailbreak efforts even more difficult - even if there is no corresponding tool available for iPhone 5 at the moment anyway.

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