Android or Apple - Smartphones for every taste

The generation before us used to ask themselves: Mars or Snickers? Playstation or Nintendo 64? Or to stay in the industry and be a little more current: Windows or Macintosh? But Apple has also long since conquered the smartphone market.

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact
Sony Xperia Z1 Compact
That is why everyone is now asking the not so easy question: Android or Apple? And that question concerns everyone, so to speak, this time. Because smartphones have long been an integral part of our society. Everyone has one. At least. Even children in primary school can be increasingly happy about having a mobile phone at an early age. And there it begins: Do you belong to the users of Android or the users of Apple? It is no longer just a question of equipment. Often it is all about the brand.

The differences between Android and Apple

When it comes to Apple, then it's always mainly about the design. The company has already set itself apart from the competition in the field of computer technology through its visual appearance and has also successfully achieved this in the field of smartphones. The iPhones are all simple and noble. Android can score points with the fact that many different manufacturers bring the devices onto the market and thus offer themselves a greater variety. The same is true for pricing policy. The iPhones are rather expensive, whereas the Android devices are available in all price segments. The range of functions is to be rated approximately the same for Android and Apple, depending on which model one has chosen. But Android is altogether more open and users can intervene more deeply in the system with apps. Probably the biggest advantage of the Android devices is that it is not a closed system in itself.

The iPhones on the other hand operate within the Apple universe. While this works smoothly and flawlessly, it is often not compatible with other manufacturers. Moreover, the purchase of many Apple products is immensely expensive. Nevertheless, Apple has many followers, which, in addition to the design and the popular brand itself, is also due to the fact that they always incorporate very innovative functions and are often pioneers. The iPhone 6s has, for example, some almost hidden functions that Simyo here be introduced.

The big difference lies in the brand

Another big difference concerns the apps, of course. When the boom of smartphones began, the first isolated apps came on the market and were mostly programmed either for Android or Apple. Only a few could be used for both systems. However, this has changed over time. Most apps now run on both systems. Even if even today an app only works for Apple, for example, you can be almost sure that there is a similar product for Android on the market. Therefore, the difference lies mainly in the brand itself.

Of course there are smartphones that are better and smartphones that are less suitable for one person, but in the end they don't take as much. So it's more about a status symbol, which someone who buys an iPhone from Apple wants to give himself. Just like with clothes or cars. It's about brand awareness and its effect on the user and, above all, his environment.

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