root server vs. cloud server

The last years was running on a JiffyBox from Domainfactory - until I switched back to a "real" server from Hetzner. The costs are practically the same: the cloud level 2 with SSD at Domainfactory costs a maximum of 37,20 Euro per month - the Hetzner server from the server auction 39,- Euro. But what do you get for under ...

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Managed vServer - the advantages and disadvantages at a glance

If you don't want to maintain your own server and keep it up to date yourself, you can use a managed vServer. More and more private individuals or companies are turning to such a solution. This is a service where an external company provides the capacity for a virtual server and the buyer only has to pay for the ...

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FreeNAS released

Currently, the FreeNAS developers are very active and regularly bring new updates. Now FreeNAS has been released, which fixes some problems again. The most important changes of the new version: Samba SMB/CIFS support upgrade to version 4.1.5 Linux mails now support UFS NFS lockd starts correctly on boot the serial console can be configured more easily logging on ...

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FreeNAS 9.2.0-RELEASE released

Shortly after the first and only release candidate, the final FreeNAS 9.2.0-RELEASE was released before Christmas. The main changes are already known from the RC version, the complete list of new features can be found on the FreeNAS website. Here are only the most important ones (from my point of view), FreeNAS plugins are of course still supported:

Backup with and sshfs

Whoever runs a blog or any other website, sooner or later faces the "problem" of needing a backup strategy. Here are different approaches conceivable, here I want to present a variant. The following requirements: a vServer with root access is used for hosting (Debian 6.0), the backup should take place independently of the provider. My choice fell on the provider ...

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New Plugins for FreeNAS

Joshua Parker Ruehlig, a member of the FreeNAS forum, has released some new plugins for FreeNAS 8.2.0 and later that work in the plugin jail of a FreeNAS installation. The following plugins can be downloaded (free, install and use at your own risk): headphones, music download for SABnzbd games, video game download for SABnzbd lazylibrarian, eBook downloading sabnzbd, Usenet automation sickbeard, Internet PVR for TV show maraschino, a ...

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FreeNAS 8.0.4 iSCSI performance

My HP-N36L-NAS serves not only as a data storage for photos, but also as a storage location for virtual disk images used by VirtualBox: on my surfing and work PC is simply not enough space thanks to SSD. Since the configuration of iSCSI is already described in the FreeNAS Wiki, here are just a few performance data of my setup: It is achieved with four Hitachi ...

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