Pagespeed: combine_css with WordPress

If you use WordPress with mod_pagespeed or ngx_pagespeed and use the filter combine_css, you will notice that nothing happens. What to do. The reason for the problems: The pagespeed module does not take into account CSS embeds that have different IDs. WordPress sets the name of the CSS as ID when embedding, in the end it looks like this: link rel='stylesheet' ...

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hyphen in online marketing

Currently, a long-neglected topic in online marketing in general and in search engine optimization in particular is discussed: how to use the hyphen correctly or when we write separately or "durchgekoppelt"? Many texts on the Internet are not necessarily a prime example of the correct use of the German language (even I here in my blog make the one or ...

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Pagespeed: Nginx + Memcached + PHP5-FPM

Nginx with PHP5-FPM is already quite fast, if finished pages are stored via Memcached the load time can be reduced even further. The implementation is simple. This article is inspired by a tutorial on and transferred to current software versions. The following requirements must be met so that the Nginx setup can benefit from Memcached: nginx with PHP5-FPM php5-memcached modules installed ...

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Pagespeed: Use Disqus with Lazyload

Anyone who uses the Disqus commenting system on their blog will have noticed sooner or later that Disqus sometimes causes loading delays. The solution: Lazyload. The basic idea: if a defined point is reached while scrolling a post, the comments are reloaded. If a reader does not read the whole post the comments are not loaded at all, who ...

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Nginx with SSL and SPDY

As some of you may have noticed, my blog is now running over an encrypted connection (recognizable by the HTTPS icon in the browser bar). The main reason for this change, which unfortunately costs some time at first byte time, was the possibility to offer connection via SPDY for corresponding browsers (e.g. Chrome). Also, I was interested to see how ...

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Speed Index < 1000 with Nginx, ngx_pagespeed, PHP, W3TC

Nothing is more annoying than slow loading websites - but if you host WordPress yourself (in my case on a cloud server at JiffyBox) you have plenty of room for optimization. Here I present some of them. The final result beforehand: for the blog home page at determined on 09 November 2013 a speed index of 601 (smaller is better, more information on the ...

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Who will be Austria's Seokanzler?

After the German Seokanzler was crowned yesterday at the SEO-Day in Cologne, the competition now continues in Austria: whoever ranks first on with the term "SEOKanzler" on the cut-off date, 22.11.2013, will win exciting prizes. Since the Google index is different in Germany and Austria, it is of course more difficult to rank with a German domain like ...

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SEO: the most important keywords on

Of course, as a blog owner you want your own page to be visited by as many readers as possible. Basic means for this: search engine optimization, SEO for short. It is important to know the keywords with which the own page is found. Google Analytics, which is used on this page with the overview of the search queries, helps here. The keywords for of the ...

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