SEO: the most important keywords on

Of course, as a blog owner, you want your site to be visited by as many readers as possible. The basic means to achieve this is search engine optimization, or SEO for short. It is important to find the keywords with which the own page is found. Google Analytics, which is used on this site with the overview of the search queries, helps with this. The keywords for in the last four weeks (in order):

  1. (conditioned by the participation in Blog of the Year Competition)
  2. ipad 3 (due to my Testimonials about iPad 3)
  3. asus ux32vd and asus ux32 (the interest in new ultrabooks is big, one copy is already on its way)
  4. myfyve (apparently many people are looking for fyve-Customers to the side)
  5. ios 5.1.1 changelog (Apple's current iOS)
  6. galaxy nexus (Googles Android Reference Smartphone)
  7. android apple tv (apparently many people want Android to be on Apple's TV box works - unfortunately I do not know a solution ;))
  8. dlna (which was just discussed in connection with FreeNAS 8.0.4 Multimedia is an interesting topic)

Of course this posting also serves SEO purposes - and for information. The choice of topics here on the blog is also influenced by search engine optimization, even if postings are not just an end in themselves (except maybe this one ;)). Anyone who has come to this site by entering a search term may choose the appropriate post from the list above.

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