FreeNAS 9.3-RELEASE with many new features

Today, December 8, 2014, FreeNAS 9.3 was released. The new version brings some interesting innovations. FreeNAS offers in the current version not only as usual a selection of plugins such as Crashplan or Bittorrent Sync, but also several innovations to the system itself. The most important ones: New setup wizard during and after installation. New updae wizard for easy ...

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FreeNAS 9.2.1-BETA released

FreeNAS 9.2.0 has not been available for very long, but version 9.2.1 is announced in the form of a BETA. The most important change: Samba 4.1.4. According to the release notes for FreeNAS 9.2.1-BETA, this means that the SMB3 protocol is now available and that FreeNAS can be used as a Windows Domain Controller. Other exciting points from the changelog (excerpt): Bugfixing for Netatalk, ...

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FreeNAS 9.1.0 released

FreeNAS 9.1.0 has been released. The new FreeNAS version is based on FreeBSD 9.1-STABLE and brings innovations in several areas, including: ZFS now supports flags, TRIM, improved disk removal notifications, and LZ4 compression The plugin interface has been reworked: FreeNAS plugins can now be installed directly from a FreeNAS repository multiple plugin jails can be created and used in parallel ...

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FreeNAS 8.2.0 Beta 4: further bugfixing of the plugins

FreeNAS 8.2.0 introduces the ability to install plugins that run in their own environment ("plugin jail"). Since it is a completely new functionality, which also means deep interventions in the system, the development takes correspondingly longer. Now the fourth beta of the FreeBSD-based NAS software has been released, newly added is the possibility to update plugins ...

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