Pad&Phone: New edition in stores as of today

padandphonecoverSince today (28.03.) the new Pad&Phone is available for purchase at the kiosk, which covers various topics around tablets and smartphones. Among them: a detailed test of the new iPad 3 (which is available here in the Blog also discussed There are also tests of more than 20 smartphones as well as a comparison of the different mobile phone operating systems Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7.5. In addition, there are practical tips for the three systems as well as an outlook on the possible new releases in the tablet and smartphone market. Pad&Phone is available either at newsstands or, for example, in combination with PC Games Hardware in a mini-subscription - and of course as an e-publishing edition via

On there is also a reading sample of the current issue, namely a Test of the high-end smartphones HTC Velocity 4G and Sony Xperia S.

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