Order Google Nexus 7 with Posted Planet subscription

The website Posted Planet - according to its own statement "a new daily newspaper for new readers on the web, at the tablet and at the reader" - offers the Google Nexus 7 tablet in the 8 and 16 gigabyte versions for ordering in its own shop. The 8 GB model costs 209.90 €, the 16 GB version costs 244.90 €. The only commitment you make is a Posted Planet subscription via the Pulse Reader app, which is free of charge, and the receipt of a weekly newsletter for one year. After ordering (payment via Paypal) the device should be shipped within 12 working days. A price reduction that took place today was credited to my account as a "short-before-price reduction" orderer, which is very fair. Only: to really evaluate the offer, the device must first be delivered.

Google is about to shake up the tablet market with the Nexus 7: the 7-inch device with Nvidia Tegra-3-SoC and 1280×800 pixel resolution offers technically everything you would expect from a tablet - at a knock-down price of around 250 euros for the large version. You still have to make a few concessions: a 3G modem isn't integrated, the Nexus 7 can only access the internet via WLAN. On the way, a smartphone must then be used for tethering. The biggest advantage: since it's a "Nexus" device, you get Android 4.1 "Jelly Bean" directly, and future updates are secured longer. The manufacturers themselves are still putting their foot down with their update policy and are not able to deliver updates quickly.

The Nexus 7 is to be sold generally from September 3 - then it will also become clear how prices will develop and how the other market participants (especially Apple and Microsoft) will react to the worldwide availability. If the Nexus 7 prevails, other tablet suppliers will certainly have to follow suit.

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