HP might bring WebOS devices again

HP is apparently changing course frequently with regard to WebOS at the moment: now there should be WebOS tablets again, but smartphones are excluded, and after the change of course this year, the confidence of network operators in HP devices has probably been shaken too deeply. According to Golem HP boss Meg Whitman has been rather vague, but hinted that tablets with the WebOS, which is now running as open source, could come onto the market again. Either in 2012 or not until 2013, she said, because WebOS requires thinking in long terms and not just until the next business transaction.

Apparently the success of the cheaply sold HP tablet has left an impression on the decision makers at HP. More competitors in the tablet market wouldn't hurt in any case, only Android and iOS will be too boring in the long run (even if Windows 8 will be added next year).

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