FreeNAS: Speed up SMB/CIFS collection

If you have set up a Windows share with FreeNAS, you can significantly reduce the time it takes to list the files in a folder. To do this, you need to pass some parameters to Samba.

This can be easily realized via the user interface by storing "Auxiliary Parameters" for the SMB service.

ea support = no
store dos attributes = no
map archive = no
map hidden = no
use sendfile= no
aio read size = 1
aio write size = 1
map readonly = no
map system = no

The listing of directories and files is much faster after the changes - so far I have put it on the connection via WLAN between client and server. But this works smoothly with about 55 megabytes per second net data rate.

FreeNAS 11.2 SMB Parameters

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