Android: CynogenMod gives up and becomes LineageOS

The popular Android Custom ROM CyanogenMod gives up: at the turn of the year the services were stopped, there will be no more updates.

LineageOS 14.1 (Android 7.1.1) on Moto G (falcon)
LineageOS 14.1 (Android 7.1.1) on Moto G (falcon)
Originally, CyanogenMod and the resulting CyanogenOS were started to create a better Android. Smartphones were also shipped with CyanogenOS ex works, for example the OnePlus 3 - these manufacturers must now rely on other Android variants.

CyanogenMod was also popular because it has broad support for various even older Android smartphones like the Moto G. CyanogenMod 13 brought here Android 6.0.2.

Since CyanogenMod is an open source project, it will now be continued. To avoid name disputes, the new Android release is called LineageOS. The name alludes to the meaning of the word "lineage":

  1. lineal descent from an ancestor; ancestry or pedigree.
  2. a sequence of species each of which is considered to have evolved from its predecessor.

So far LineageOS is under construction, much more than a Git repository and there is no website yet. We are also still looking for supporters who can provide resources for hosting and compilation.

Although the general interest in alternatives to AOSP (Android Open Source Project) is declining, since manufacturers of Android smartphones are still poor at providing updates, a well working alternative like CyanogenMod or in the future LineageOS is important. Furthermore, this development shows the advantages of open source projects - although the original project is discontinued, further development can be done on the code base.

Update 02/05/2017:
On a Moto G (2013, "falcon") I dared the update to LineageOS. First the recovery environment (TWRP) had to be updated and the data had to be deleted ("factory reset"). After that the installation of LineageOS 14.1 Compared to CyanogenMod not much has changed, also the background image has remained the same. The current Android version of Moto G, which is already almost four years old, runs without any problems, so that the phone is still usable.

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