Google Photos: download all images

Anyone who uses Google Photos, for example, to conveniently back up all the shots from their mobile phone, will sooner or later face the problem of downloading all the images from Google Photos. The GDPR has provided a simple solution here. What the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO for short) has to do with downloading the archive of Google Photo: since Google has ...

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FreeNAS 10: "Corral" released

After several years of development, version 10 of FreeNAS is now released, name: "Corral". iXsystems has released FreeNAS 10 "Corral", a new version of the popular operating system for DIY NAS systems. The user interface has been completely redesigned and is now much more modern, the substructure has also been modernized. Instead of relying on plug-in extensions as before, there are ...

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FreeNAS 10 - the most important new features

After the current version 9.3 FreeNAS 10 will follow. With the upcoming version, there will also be some innovations that further improve the free NAS operating system. FreeNAS 10, which has passed the second milestone release (M2) on 06 July 2015, will not simply be a further development of the previous FreeNAS 9.x, but will have a ...

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