Nokia also fails in Germany with Windows Phone 7?

Actually, the new Nokia smartphones with Windows Phone 7 should help to stabilize if not increase the market share of the Finns in Germany again. This is now probably FailedThe Lumia smartphones are also selling rather sluggishly in this country. Even the Symbian phones, through which Nokia in December 2011 still came to a market share of 25% in smartphones, are no longer so much in focus since the switch to Windows Phone 7.

It remains to be seen whether upcoming devices with Windows Phone 8 can bring about a turnaround or whether the former leader in the mobile phone market will have to leave the field permanently to Android (with manufacturers like Samsung, HTC and LG) or Apple. A third, established system would definitely have a positive effect on the customer, since innovations would be strengthened.

Officially, there is no "Plan B" from Nokia, if Windows Phone does not succeed - a success is therefore currently without alternative, a change of strategy would further weaken the confidence of customers.

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