Nexus One still not (officially) available in Germany

In January there was a rumour that the Nexus One would be available from February on Vodafone for 149,00 € including contract. Apparently this didn't work out, neither Vodafone nor Google give any hint when the Nexus One will be available in Germany.

However, independent dealers offer the device, the price starts at 688 Euros without a contract and at 160 Euros with a Vodafone contract (Source: Vodafone, Germany) All in all, Google's initiative seems to be stalled with a "own" (actually produced by HTC) device. For a significant strengthening of the Android platform the availability would have to be much better.

After all, the scores in the tests are almost consistently good, the site has an overview: HTC (Google) Nexus One Reviews. But Google cannot create hype like around the Iphone.

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