Fyve instead of o2o? A self-test - part 1

The o2o with cost airbag is already a favorable tariff, but after I hardly ever phone/text me I thought: try it with Fyve a discounter in the Vodafone network - according to their own statement the best data network in Germany - and see if you can actually get the promised 7.2 Mbit/s HSDPA performance for 15,-€/month for 1 GB.

Basically, the order has already worked out without any problems. Unfortunately, the "Vielsurfer Package" only offers UMTS speed, and the "upgrade" to Surflat XL is unfortunately dragging on - despite existing credit. Besides: at my location there is no Edge - without UMTS hardly usable.

I will use Fyve the next few days in parallel (with a ZTE blade) and then decide whether to port my o2 number (then to a new Fyve card). More info about Fyve: www.fyve.de - Fyve is real prepaid and is operated directly by Vodafone - as a network operator, I also see Vodafone on two devices.

Does anyone else here have experience with Fyve? My experience continues in Part 2: No Internet.


  1. I had a bit of freedom lately and have been surfing the internet a bit. So I found an especially interesting voucher page. On the Fulda voucher page there are very interesting ones, but they are only from Fulda and the surrounding area. Since I come from the surroundings of Hannover this is not very interesting for me. Do any of you know any other interesting voucher sites from my area? I would be deeply pleased about answers.

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