Fyve instead of o2o? A self-test - Part 2: No Internet

After the ZTE Blade/San Francisco has arrived (admittedly a used device, but with OLEDs there are actually no new ones available) it should be time to see how well Fyve's mobile internet offer, which is handled by Vodafone, works. So far the result after two days: not at all. On Saturday I had a working data connection for about 45min in the city center of Nuremberg, currently there is no connection at all.

I don't seem to be alone in this. Facebook page of Fyve and in Phone meeting.de forum there are several reports of data connection problems at Fyve. It is to be hoped that Fyve or Vodafone will quickly get to grips with the problems and, above all, extend the period of data packets by the time of the outage. That would be the least.


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