Vodafone wants to get rid of ISDN customers earlier

Not only Telekom wants all customers Switch to All-IP connectionsVodafone has also announced that it intends to achieve this by 2022. Now the Reds seem to want to accelerate the process.

Like heise.de reportsSome users have received a corresponding letter from Vodafone, in which they are threatened more or less directly with termination - should they not switch to an All-IP connection.

For Vodafone, whose Internet business has meanwhile merged with Kabel Deutschland, every customer who switches means lower costs: Vodafone provides the All-IP connections with its own network and therefore does not have to pay Telekom for the last mile to the customer. Golem.com quotes Vodafone as follows: "The point is that individual customers living in cable areas were offered the switch. There is no change to the promise that we will offer ISDN by 2022. Only residential customers have been contacted."

Whether Vodafone will really stick to the guarantee given last year and keep the ISDN connections active until 2022 (and thus four years longer than Telekom) remains to be seen - Vodafone offers customers who are willing to switch to Vodafone a one-time credit of 60,- EURO. Especially those who still actively use the ISDN line will not think about a change, especially since Services like fax are a little more complicated to set up are - whereby these can also work. Other equipment can of course still cause problems on an All-IP connection - this depends on a case-by-case assessment. In principle, however, one should be familiar with the idea that ISDN will sooner or later become a dying technology.

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