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  1. Hello,
    I need a permanent job that looks into a directory on the NAS to see if the file XYZ exists.
    If the XYZ file is present, the NAS should shut down.
    With this I want to shut down the NAS in a controlled manner.
    I have no experience with Freenas

    1. Hm, I just can't imagine the overall scenario: how do you get the file there? How do you make sure that the file is not still there after the next reboot and the system shuts down again immediately? In principle, this could be done with a script similar to what checks for PING.

  2. Hello, Kadderx,
    I create a cmd on Win PC which puts the file in the directory. When I run this cmd (NAS power off signal) and the file is on the NAS, the permanent job should shut down the NAS and delete the file from the directory.

    1. Which would also be a variant: FreeNAS has an API: with it you can easily initialize the shutdown, even from any system that makes the corresponding call. If I were you, I'd keep on researching in this direction (I haven't thought about whether you can completely outsource the shutdown, but obviously it works).

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