Pagespeed: combine_css with WordPress

If you use WordPress with mod_pagespeed or ngx_pagespeed and use the filter combine_css, you will notice that nothing happens. What to do. The reason for the problems: The pagespeed module does not take into account CSS embeds that have different IDs. WordPress sets the name of the CSS as ID when embedding, in the end it looks like this: link rel='stylesheet' ...

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Speed Index < 1000 with Nginx, ngx_pagespeed, PHP, W3TC

Nothing is more annoying than slow loading websites - but if you host WordPress yourself (in my case on a cloud server at JiffyBox) you have plenty of room for optimization. Here I present some of them. The final result beforehand: for the blog home page at determined on 09 November 2013 a speed index of 601 (smaller is better, more information on the ...

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Backup with and sshfs

Whoever runs a blog or any other website, sooner or later faces the "problem" of needing a backup strategy. Here are different approaches conceivable, here I want to present a variant. The following requirements: a vServer with root access is used for hosting (Debian 6.0), the backup should take place independently of the provider. My choice fell on the provider ...

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nginx + PHP under Debian (+ W3TC)

nginx is a fast web server that can also be used as a reverse proxy or for streaming Flash videos. Originally developed for the requirements of a Russian search engine, more and more web projects also rely on nginx. Unlike the well-known Apache web server, the configuration of nginx under Debian is not quite as simple - you still have to download files from ...

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