Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 6.1 released

Cydia under iOS 6.1 on the iPhone 5
Cydia under iOS 6.1 on the iPhone 5
Owners of an iPhone 5 (or almost any other Apple device) can breathe a sigh of relief: as t3n.de reports, an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.1 has been released on most Apple devices. Since it is an untethered ("wireless") jailbreak, it will remain even after a reboot of the device. After the jailbreak, which has been released in the form of a program for Windows, MacOS and Linux and which only lasts a good five minutes (during which you should leave the device and the computer alone if possible), the alternative app store Cydia is available first and foremost, which can then be used to install additional apps. One of the most popular is the app SBSettings, which allows DeepL access to important settings. Currently, however, the Cydia store seems to be overloaded, which will be related to the large number of new devices that can access it.

A longer manual for the jailbreak with evasi0n is available on t3n.dethe download can be done directly from the Website of the jailbreak makers there are different mirrors available. Of course you should not install a jailbreak lightly, after all, the limitations and security guidelines of iOS 6.1 set by Apple are circumvented here - what other apps can do with it is open. Unfortunately, the jailbreak does not support the AppleTV-3 box, there is still a missing tool.

What are the general experiences? Does anyone but me use Jailbreak on an iPhone 5?

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