Telekom: Prices for unchoked DSL

After there was still negative feedback due to the announced reduction after reaching certain volumes, Telekom has now talked about how much money you can get a real flat rate for. From today's point of view, you will have to pay between 10 and 20 euros more - a DSL tariff, which costs 50 euros today, would then cost between 60 and 70 euros for the same service (assuming you still have an old contract). How Telekom wants to sell this price increase to customers will be exciting - but not until 2016, if you believe Telekom.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of discussion about volume-dependent speed limits on the Internet - on the one hand, there are the "digital natives" who would use all Internet services as a matter of course and reach the limits without problems and illegal use. On the other side there are the - according to Telekom - 97% of the "normal" users, who use the Internet only for low traffic-intensive applications. Services like Watchever would be taboo for such customers from 2016 on - if you use such services every evening instead of the normal TV program, it is quite easy to reach the limits.

The topic of throttling will definitely continue to occupy us on the Internet - there is still a lot of time until 2016, when many more bits and bytes will flow down the backbones.

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