TrueNAS: Easily set up ZFS replication over Wireguard VPN

Wireguard has also found its way into TrueNAS (previously FreeNAS) via FreeBSD. Although there is no interface to configure it directly, a suitable configuration file can be loaded via a post-init script and then also establishes the connection. The advantage over the previous solution: no virtual machine is needed, which in turn has its own updates...

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FreeNAS: ZFS Replication via Wireguard

So far I have used OpenVPN for the synchronization of my two FreeNAS boxes. Wireguard is a fast alternative, but a bit more complicated to set up. ZFS Replication is a handy tool for keeping data in sync between two FreeNAS installations. The whole point is to create an offsite backup where the data would survive a house fire or burglary, ...

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Wireguard: Peer IP check

If you use Wireguard with peers whose IP address changes (e.g. because they are on a private DSL connection), you must regularly check the IP address. Wireguard itself only does a DNS resolution when starting the interface to get the current IP address of the peer. But if, for example, the server's address changes, the connection will eventually fail. To the ...

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